Week 22 – The last week of the project 🏆

Writing, spell checking, punctuation, referencing, formatting, redlining, and revisions are some of the words that have influenced the work this week. This was the last week before the final submission deadline of the report 4th of June at 14:00 sharp.

What we’ve learned this week:

  • Working on a collaborative Word document is a painful experience 🌪
  • Having horizontal and vertical pages in the same word document.
  • Getting images to live happily alongside text content
  • Is it possible to use too many commas? (Short answer: yes)
  • Coffee does not make you a better author ☕️
  • Having the nicest weather outside for a long time does not help for the motivation 🌞



Testing out different designs

When implementing other brands functions and libraries, it is important to follow their own design guidelines. For the payment function in the app, we are using the Norwegian payment service Vipps. They have recently updated their own branding and changed their layout from green to orange. For approved color-scheming, Christian has come up with these designs:


We like the purple one with white buttons the most, but we’re not sure if they Approve this color combination. We sent out an email to them in order to pick out the best choice

25.05 – Meeting with BIS 🕶

Today we had a meeting with BIS Bergen to show them the latest additions and updates on the project. The feedback was very positive and we think the app will be pleasantly welcomed by the intended users. We discussed the payment system (Vipps vs. Ticketco), Expo presentation and the future of the project. It would be cool to expand the app to the other BI Norwegian Business Schools.

Maybe next year?


23.05 – Vipps is back! 🤩

Today we started the day with a meeting with our contact person, Richard Kjepso as he had submitted a feedback for our draft report already. There were only small fixes he could point out and he thinks we are on track with everything. He tested the latest version of our app and really liked it, the only comment he made was that the font could be a bit on the small side (or maybe because he’s older 😂).
After that, we received an apologetic email from Vipps support saying sorry for all the issues we’ve had up until now. The representative promised to have our problem fixed during the course of today. 20minutes later we got a reply e-mail saying that we’ve had the wrong subscription all this time, and they assigned us a new product in their API developer portal. Our API calls worked instantly, and we rushed to implement it to our React-Native solution. We made some huge progress today and got a first version of the ticket purchasing solution done. Stian created an A1 poster for us to print and display during the EXPO 14th of June.
For testing out the API in-app

21.05 – Homework vol. 2 🏠

Since we are celebrating Pentecost, we decided to work from home in case the school was closed this Monday. Today’s topic was to finalize the draft for the final report. We started with a meeting using Discord to go over what we needed to do. After we had delegated some chapters to each other to do, we worked each on our own. Combined, we are upwards of 40 written pages for the report which is well within the recommended pages.
Christian added a nice web view for the application2018-05-23_21-29-56.png