18.05 – The day after 🇳🇴

Yesterday was may 17th, our national independence day so we took a well-deserved break which needed a recovery day afterward😏 Christian added sponsors to the application and Jonas updated the frontend page to support adding and modifying both sponsors and playlists 2018-05-23_21-27-24.png


15.05 – Back to initial 🏁

We added the option to go back to the initial event view by pressing the event icon in the menu bar. The developer of the package react-native-router-flux just added this feature around 20 days ago called ”backToInitial”. By adding that to our Routes.js file the problem was solved! example code:
<Scene key='more' hideNavBar backToInitial


                 <TabIcon icon="ellipsis-h" color={tintColor}/>

We also worked some more on the draft report which will be delivered on the 22th of may
An e-mail popped in from Vipps saying that the error which we’ve been experiencing is their fault and are ”working on it”. This means that the implementation may be postponed or hopefully not canceled by the time of release.

08.05 – Progress 📈

We met at school to continue the work we did yesterday. Most of the design styling is finished now. Since we haven’t tried running the Android version on an actual device yet, we borrowed a classmates phone that had the required API level we develop on. What happened then was that Android Studio installed an old APK build of the application and we have no idea why. Jonas started looking at using Genymotion for cloud-based testing. Christian made some progress on the SOS function and Stian worked on mapping markers to events.